Fleury pranks Potash before game

Some things never change.

At 5 p.m. before the Penguins' matchup with the Golden Knights on Saturday, members of the media were standing outside the Penguins' locker room waiting for Mike Sullivan's pregame availability.

In hindsight, AT&T Sportsnet's Dan Potash should have known better than to let his station unattended while Marc-Andre Fleury is in town.

Fleury was passing through the hallway connected to the locker rooms, saw Potash's empty chair and unattended equipment, and couldn't help himself. Without hesitation, he made a beeline straight to that spot and tied Potash's equipment in a knot.

[caption id="attachment_904170" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Marc-Andre Fleury at work. -- PITTSBURGH PENGUINS / TWITTER[/caption]

When he was done, he didn't stick around to see Potash's reaction. He just left the mess on the chair and went on his way to the visitor's locker room.

Potash got his revenge, though:

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