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Sunday’s Best: Guentzel vs. Engelland

In a game featuring Marc-Andre Fleury's 445th win, tying him in seventh place all time, and the Golden Knights 100th franchise win, I found myself focusing on an interaction between a different former Penguin and Jake Guentzel.

In one of the seemingly endless scrums around Fleury, the Penguins desperately trying to equalise, Deryk Engelland got his stick under Guentzel's skates. Guentzel blew both tires, going down pretty hard in the vicinity of Fleury before the pile got a bit larger -- also thanks to Engelland cross-checking Patric Hornqvist and then driving him into Guentzel:

When Guentzel got to his knees, he complained while grabbing at his lip and looked like he felt a bit disserviced by the situation that played out. Clearly upset, he started going after Engelland a bit, doing more than a bit of chirping and poked at the legs and skates of Golden Knights players while being guided by a rotation of officials.

Engelland extended his right arm to playfully push Guentzel's head away and then they were reduced to stares:

Guentzel got a few more chances in those scrums before the end of the game (and thankfully didn't take things any further with Engelland), including the one atop our Dave Molinari's game story:

The best part about that image is just looking at the faces and seeing more and more complex details to it. Hornqvist's face reacting to the save. Mark Stone behind him. Brayden McNabb and Sidney Crosby trying to see how it plays out ... just good fun.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Penguins vs. Golden Knights night if I didn't give special space to personal favorite subject, Ryan Reaves. I always look for ways to make hockey portraits different and I was really happy about the way he was leaning, chewing the mouth guard per usual, and I used the sleeve of a Penguins player to fill the rest of the frame with negative space:

This Sunday's Best kicks off up top with the photo of Engelland pushing Guentzel's head away and then goes through a selection of favorites from Fleury and the Golden Knights' 3-0 win over the Penguins. See you guys and gals in the comments!

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