Pineapple on pizza? Rudolph, Conner, Pouncey sound off

The Steelers play the division-rival Browns Thursday night on the road in primetime. It's a pivotal matchup for these suddenly resurgent Steelers — winners of their last four, and five out of their last six overall. They'd make the playoffs as the No. 6 seed in the AFC if the postseason started today, a far cry from where many thought they'd be after their 1-4 start to the 2019 campaign.

So this matchup is just a little important for the men in black and gold. But it's not as important as this question, Lunatics:

Do you like pineapple on your pizza? 

It's a question that's divided families and upended relationships. It's started internet wars and sparked memes aplenty.

So what do the Steelers think? Tuesday inside their locker room at the Rooney Complex, I dug in, put my hard-hitting journalism hat on and went hunting for answers.

Here's what I found.

James Conner: "Every time. Every time. Bacon, chicken, pineapple, cheese."

Robert Spillane: "Oh yeah. All day. Pineapple, bacon, maybe jalapeño. I'm in."

Then, Spillane hit me with a twist, sharing a sweet-and-spicy recipe of his own.

"Man, I actually make this burger. It's a bacon burger. Then I top it with a spread of cream cheese, some jalapeños and raspberry jelly. People always think I'm crazy or say, like, 'Eww, raspberry jelly?', but it balances that spiciness from the peppers. It's so good. You gotta try it."

Mason Rudolph: "Pineapple on pizza? I mean, if I was forced to do it, I would do it. But that wouldn't be my first choice."

So what's the perfect Rudolph pizza?

"I mean, meat-lovers. Maybe a little spinach in there to make the vegan community happy."

Zach Banner: "Oh, pineapple on pizza? Yes. Am I like, is it the first thing I order? No. But I'm, you know, from the island. But if it was on there, I wouldn't take it off."

Now, the best for last.

Personally, I thought Maurkice Pouncey would be down for the little splash of sweet pineapple on some pizza.

I was very wrong.

"Hell no," he said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Villanueva, one seat to Pouncey's left, didn't hesitate.

"Yes. Bro, are you kidding me? Hawaiian pizza, bro, is the only pizza. Are you kidding me?"

Pouncey had to explain — while getting ribbed by Villanueva the entire time.

I'll just flop the whole video here for you to enjoy:

For those keeping track at home, pineapple wins this one, 4-2, with even Rudolph — one of those two dissenters — saying he'd eat it if it was the only option. Big day for tropical fruits in Pittsburgh.

Now, I wonder if they all dip it in ranch ...

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