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Sunday’s Best: That was … unpredictable

You know ... after 36 years, I think I can safely and finally say you don't always know what happens next in life.

For the game's final few minutes, I was at the far end of the Steelers bench shooting portraits while simultaneously keeping myself in position for a potential late-game miracle on the lake. You'd hate to be the guy who misses the 90-yard score to set up an onside kick and second touchdown, right? Wasn't going to be me.

Well, when the game got realistically out of even miracle's reach, I started getting ready to sprint out to midfield to shoot Mason Rudolph greeting his old college friend rival from the great state of Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield. Instead I watched from 70ish yards away as a skirmish started and found myself sprinting down the sidelines following Minkah Fitzpatrick, T.J. Watt and the rest of the Steelers' defense as benches cleared away from any diamond.

Despite my blazing 4.3 speed down the sideline, I wasn't able to get into the photographic fray (or leap across the field to the good view) and had to settle for the aftermath of what happened.

The whole scene left everyone on the field looking around for some semblance of normality. So, I wasn't at all shocked to find out that I was standing in the middle of a football field during a game that hadn't finished quite yet.


Officials blowing whistles, kicking people off of the field, asking players to come back on to it. It wasn't exactly running through the Stanford marching band, but it was an unnecessary extension to a game that had worn out its welcome

That first photo up there? That's not of anything I shot from the fight that likely ended Myles Garrett's season, potentially more. That's the photograph of Rudolph I ran out to take -- alongside everyone else on the field -- without realizing it was fourth down and the Browns would need to kneel once as well.


Wasn't the miracle I set up for, not by any stretch of the imagination.

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