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Sunday’s Best: Washington’s moment

  • James-Washington-pittsburgh-steelers-celebration-ramon-foster
  • James-Washington-pittsburgh-steelers-celebration-ramon-foster

Every touchdown, every play presents a few choice images -- or at least ones that you would target.

Peak action is at the top of that list, then the celebrations. Of course, that's not set in stone but I'll put money down that most photographers would rather have captured Odell Beckham Jr.'s one-handed grab in a Giants jersey when he was at the peak of his leap, not how he reacted.

The same goes for Santonio Holmes' toe-dragging magic to win the most exciting Super Bowl of my lifetime. You want him in that ridiculous lean, frozen for eternity -- winning the game over, and over and over again.

When James Washington made his touchdown grab in the second quarter of the Steelers' 20-13 win over the Browns, it wasn't his catch or his celebration that made my favorite image. No, this one was a first for me ...

My favorite is that first image you see up top. Different, right? It's not the best shot from the touchdown. That one went to Dejan Kovacevic's column. It doesn't show Washington's eyes, and the ball isn't quite where I'd like it, but it's definitely the best from what I could see of the grab, celly and the aftermath.

I love this one above, too, though. The touchdown being signaled to overrule the protesting Browns players. Washington and Vance McDonald celebrating in the background and the Browns' T.J. Carrie watching the replay on the big screen. The touchdown stood, of course, but I chose to shoot the call being made in case it was overturned. Glad that I did.

I was shooting on the Sony a9 again, still on evaluation loan from Sony, and adapted to my Sigma 120-300. I didn't think it performed quite as well as last week, despite the controlled weather and overcast sky, but it didn't disappoint me either.

I made this sequence on that touchdown catch and I took the 53 frames and turned it into a GIF. These are uncropped, so you're seeing what I saw as I shot the touchdown grab:

I'm still not as crazy about the color on this camera, and I still don't like the way it feels compared to my Canon and Fuji gear ... but I sure do love the way I can shoot 53 continuous frames of a touchdown grab and turn it into a movie.

For some fun, don't look at that sequence as a whole, now that you've seen it a few times. Watch Washington and the way he gets up off the ground. In that stop-motion look, I've gotten a laugh over watching him magically get up by raising his legs.

As always, the rest of my favorite images from the game follow that first one up top. See you guys and gals in the comments!

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