Ravens CB Humphrey calls team ‘losers’ that ‘choke’

Marlon Humphrey isn't too impressed by his Ravens' best-in-the-NFL 14-2 season — not after it came skidding to a halt Saturday in Baltimore courtesy of the wildcard Titans.

The Titans waltzed into enemy territory as the No. 6 seed and upset the AFC North-winning Ravens in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs, earning a trip to the AFC Championship game in the process. For the Ravens, it's a wrap. Forget 14-2, forget Lamar Jackson's MVP-caliber season. It's over — one and done in the postseason for a second straight year — and Humphrey is none too pleased.

Gotta respect the blunt honesty here — and it got even more critical when Humphrey was asked how this year's Ravens will be remembered.

"As losers, I guess," Humphrey said. "We kind of just lost. So, that’s how I would remember it."

Humphrey's Ravens had zero answers for the Titans' Derrick Henry Saturday, giving up 195 yards on the ground — a 6.5-yard-per-carry clip — while also getting fooled on a little trickery at the goal line:

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill added two more touchdowns despite throwing just 14 passes (completing seven of them) for 88 yards.

Making matters worse for the Ravens and their fans ... Humphrey has a point here.

The team has won one playoff game in the past seven years, defeating the Steelers, 30-17, back in 2014. For an even more stark depiction of how things have tailed off for the team in recent years, consider this: John Harbaugh won at least one playoff game in each of his first five seasons, winning it all in 2012 in Super Bowl XLVII.

Immediately following that Super Bowl win, the skid began. That's one long championship hangover. The Steelers, for some divisional reference, have three playoff wins during that same stretch, while the Bengals and Browns — OK, OK. I can't even finish that thought. Those two teams have two playoff wins ... combined ...

... since 1990.

So yeah.

Conspiracy theorists, of course, will point to something besides choking, as Humphrey put it, for this most recent Ravens defeat:

That's Drake showing love to the Ravens and Jackson, which, of course, is a curse in the world of sports. In short, if Drake endorses your team, they're about to lose, just as the Ravens did.

Even Earl Thomas had something to say about that one in the wake of the defeat:

Bad as it was on the field for these Ravens, plenty of fans and players still have hope in Jackson and the crew as they move forward — including former players.

A nice sentiment there, Eric Weddle. It just won't be this year.

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