Report: AB locked himself in house as police investigate

UPDATE: Wednesday, Jan. 22, Noon — Antonio Brown has reportedly locked himself in his home as police continue to investigate an alleged battery/burglary case involving Brown and his trainer Glen Holt.

USA TODAY reports that police unsuccessfully attempted to reach Brown on Wednesday morning as they continue their investigation. The case is, however, ongoing, and an update on the situation is expected later Wednesday afternoon. While Brown has not responded to police, he did take some time to send the following tweet Wednesday morning:

Brown has also been promoting a new single on his various social media accounts while the investigation continues.

Original report follows: 

Police were called to the Hollywood, Fla., home of Antonio Brown— again.

Per TMZ, there was a "handful" of police cars at Brown's residence on Tuesday with somebody already in the back seat of one them at the time they were spotted. A police source told TMZ that person is not Brown "at this time."

ESPN's Cameron Wolfe followed up, saying that Brown's trainer Glen Holt was arrested at the scene for felony burglary and battery. This occurred after he and Brown allegedly battered a moving truck driver who was bringing various items to Brown's house.

TMZ reported that police are currently seeking a warrant for Brown's arrest on charges of felony battery and burglary. They are hoping Brown will "surrender peacefully."

Wolfe said to expect an update from local police by noon on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Brown is not in police custody as of Wednesday morning, but the investigation is ongoing, and police still plan to make contact with Brown.

This is the latest chapter of police activity at Brown's house, following a steady recent history of run-ins.

Brown streamed an angry, agitated encounter with police at his house in mid-December and more recently threw a bag of phallic-shaped gummy candy at the mother of his three youngest children, Chelsie Kyriss. Here is the video from the former event:

Following that incident with Kyriss, Brown was conditionally dropped by his agent Drew Rosenhaus who claimed he would not work with Brown until the former star NFL receiver got "help."

Now, it appears Brown's situation has only worsened, with this current scene at his home continuing to develop. Stay tuned for updates.

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