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AB responds to Paul diss track: ‘Let’s just fight’

Antonio Brown apparently heard Logan Paul's diss track, "GOING BROKE."

The track takes aim at Brown and his fall from grace over the past year, including references to his strained relationship with Chelsie Kyriss, his free-agent status, his legal troubles and more. Taking to Instagram Live, Brown responded on Tuesday, and Twitter user @JuJusBike_ captured the video for all to enjoy:

"If you want me to drop a diss record, put it right there, but I don't need to diss nobody, you know?" a shirtless Brown says while flexing. "If you want to fight, let's just fight. I can knock him out already. If you want to fight, let's just fight, you know? We don't have to talk, we can just fight. Let's just fight. LET'S JUST FIGHT! Let's go."

Brown then posted a short clip of some training to his Instagram story:

That's not exactly encouraging work on the heavy bag from Brown. He clearly needs some lessons and instruction, and on that front, he has posted some private lessons inside the ring as recently as mid-January.

At that time, Brown had reportedly hired two-time Olympian Eromosele Albert, who went 24-6-1 as a professional boxer, to help him get ready for a potential bout vs. Paul.

“Antonio Brown just started boxing and we just started training together. Yes, he is serious about the fight,” Albert said. “We’re starting a training camp now.

“He’s a natural. He’s an athlete. It’s not a big transition … He needs a lot of work to get done, to correct all of his mistakes. We have three months to get ready for the fight. That’s enough time. He’s in shape already. We just have to work on his technique, head movement and defense — and that should be it for him to be ready.”

The talks from there have heated up, and Brown has recently expressed legitimate interest in taking the fight:

If Brown doesn't want to get embarrassed by Paul, he's going to need to get back to work, based on that latest clip. I, for one, hope the fight happens. I'm in the mood for the best damn circus of 2020.

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