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Live Qs at 5: DK’s answers on everything!

Hey, hi!

If you missed this a couple weeks ago, let's please go with a limit of roughly 25 questions. And it won't be the first 25, necessarily, but the 25 that wind up being chosen. Anything that doesn't make the cut will be placed in a holding cyber cell or something, to be resurrected if needed.

Three reasons for this:

1. Being completely candid, as much as I appreciate the dozens of Qs that come here each weekend, it can take five or six hours to give each of them the kind of response I feel is respectful. That's a long, long time to be typing in a single sitting, or even spread out.

2. We get a lot of repeats, as most of you know. And then people get mad when I say, 'Hey, I answered that just below!' So this way, we'll avoid repeats because it'll be easier to scan through what's already there.

3. To repeat, I prefer to respect each question and give it my best. And when I'd open up the queue and see 50, 60, even more, I knew in advance I'd have to give short shrift to a few.

Thanks so much for understanding on this. I love this feature as much as anything we do, but it's eating up an entire day of the week, not to mention a day in which I usually have to additionally cover an event.

If you’re new, here’s how this works: Enter one question in the comments below. I’ll go through and answer as many as possible. When it’s done, all that will be left are the Qs that were used, my replies and any follow-ups by the original questioner. Please don’t use this the way you would an ordinary commenting thread.

Yesterday: Hunter Homistek
Monday: Dale Lolley

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