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What’s Brewing 2.23

GetGo's Chef Tom speaks with Hunter Homistek and Taylor Haase at the Test Kitchen. - DALI KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Good morning!

On Friday, I was invited to the GetGo Cafe+Market Test Kitchen in Ross Township, alongside Dali Kovacevic and Taylor Haase, to sample some food and to meet head chef Tom Seaman and other staff members — from marketing to product development — we work with as part of our partnership with GetGo.

In that picture up there, Chef Tom is explaining why they can't use that particular brand of sriracha ranch: It contains high-fructose corn syrup. And that's a no-no for them. To hear the level of care and detail he puts into the food, and the creation of the menu in general, was genuinely surprising. I mean, trust me, I see all the comments on social media: "Oh, it's gas station food. Why would I eat that?" It's really not. They care about their products from concept to completion, and that was shared in various ways throughout the day.

We tried "prototype" foods that aren't on the menu yet and may never make the cut. We tried foods that will be on the menu soon.  And we tried some recently released products, like the spiked slushies (oh yes) and the Big Boss II (a gigantic meatball sub on garlic bread ... ohhhhh yessss).

My favorite part? Chef Tom prepared an entire platter of buffalo chicken tenders — and let me take home a bottle of chipotle ranch.


Not the worst job ever. Not the worst partnership ever, either.

DK has an all-hockey Grind from the Penguins' loss to the Sabres yesterday at PPG Paints Arena. Taylor Haase then headed down to D.C. for the game there today, 12:10 p.m., against the Capitals. All our hockey coverage can be found on our team page.

• Pitt lost to Virginia yesterday at Petersen Events Center. Chris Carter was there. Next game is Wednesday, 7:01 p.m., against Syracuse, also at the Pete. Hunter Homistek will have that. All our basketball coverage can be found on our team page.

• The Pirates lost to the Twins yesterday in Bradenton. They'll face the Tigers there today, 1:05 p.m. Alex Stumpf will be there. All our baseball coverage can be found on our team page.

• Dale Lolley's always on top of the Steelers. All our football coverage can be found on our team page.

• Our friends at Moon Golf Club are backing a drive to 1,500 military subscriptions. and we sold 3 more Saturday to raise our total to 76. That's pretty encouraging considering we just started a couple weeks ago.

• Our company has unprecedented reach. If you have a business that could benefit from this, as our many longstanding partners have, our media kit has all the info you'd want. Email my wife at to set up a meeting.


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Alex is in Bradenton, and Taylor's in D.C.:




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