Watt brothers having way too much fun on Twitter

The Steelers signed Derek Watt to a three-year, $9.75 million deal on Tuesday ... and his brothers, T.J. and J.J., wasted absolutely no time firing up the Twitter fingers for some banter.

First, T.J. Watt posted a relatively tame — if extremely excited — introduction for his new teammate:

Then things got fun.

T.J., 25, doubled down, saying his bigger brother Derek, 27, will foot the bills from now on:

Derek wasn't necessarily having that:

With Derek's arrival in Pittsburgh, the next question becomes: How can the Steelers get the third Watt brother, All-Pro and two-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt?

Well ... they probably can't. But that hasn't stopped former Steelers from recruiting. Brett Keisel let J.J. know his former No. 99 is wide open for the taking, and J.J. fired back with some solid comedy;

J.J. stuck with the fun from there, but you need a little backstory for his latest offering. Derek welcomed a newborn son, Logan, in February of 2019, and J.J. and T.J. have since humorously competed for the title of "favorite uncle." J.J. hasn't forgotten about this sibling rivalry — or what Derek signing with the Steelers could mean for his chances in the race:

In all this, I'm actually just wondering how T.J. and Derek will split their subsor how long it'll take for Terrell Edmunds and Trey Edmunds to challenge the new brothers in town to a duel:

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