GMs want draft delayed, NFL not budging

A seven-member subcommittee of NFL general managers voted Tuesday to move the NFL Draft back, but for the time being, the league is keeping the draft on April 23 through 25.

According to numerous reports, the general managers voted 6-1 to move the draft back, but a number of owners want the draft dates to remain unchanged.

The reasoning behind the push to move the draft back is because the general managers don't feel they are getting adequate time to properly vet this year's draft prospects because much of the country is on lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The NFL has mandated that teams cannot bring prospects in for individual visits this year. Also, most of the college pro days have been canceled. Teams are permitted to video chats with prospects, but are limited in the number they can hold each week.

In addition, there also is a fear among some of the general managers that even if work rules are lifted in some areas, they will not be in others that have been hit harder by the viral outbreak such as New York and California.

The NFL has already changed its plans to hold the draft in Las Vegas, where it would have drawn hundreds of thousands of fans. Last year's draft in Nashville, Tenn., drew 600,000 fans to the event.

Instead, the league has made plans to hold the draft via phone and has put limits on how many individuals can be in each team's war room. The draft is still expected to be televised.

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