Crosby, Giroux, Staal brothers get chirpy

The video conference call featuring Sidney CrosbyClaude GirouxJordan Staal and Marc Staal answering questions from the media on Thursday had some fun moments.

Crosby, who remains in Pittsburgh was asked who he'd most like to be stuck quarantined with out of his Penguins teammates, and he chose Kris Letang.

"I feel like he's in the know. I feel like he’d get all the info first,” he said. “I feel like I’d have a better sense of what’s going on if I was stuck with him.”

Giroux was asked to choose from his Flyers teammates, and chose Michael Raffl.

"It's never boring with him," said Giroux. "He's always entertaining and he'd definitely keep me busy."

The Staal brothers were both asked who they'd like to be quarantined with the most out of their brothers. Marc said Jared, "because I could beat him in things." Jordan chose Marc, "because he thinks he's good at darts and I'd probably take a lot of money from him."

All four players were asked how they're keeping in touch with their teammates, and all four teams have group chats over text with the team. The Flyers also tried another method.

"We did a group FaceTime the other day," said Giroux. "It didn't go very well, everybody just started screaming. You couldn't hear anybody."

The four were asked if they've been playing video games to occupy their free time during the stoppage. Crosby and the Staals shook their heads, but Giroux piped up.

"I bought an Xbox a couple of days ago," he said. "I played Scott Laughton in FIFA and lost twice. I haven't picked it up again, my confidence is hurting right now."

The next question asked each of the players what they missed the least about playing against the other three guys on the call, and the chirps came out.

"Sid's always slashing me on the back of the legs, so I don't miss that," said Marc. "Claude's always chirping on the ice, I don't miss that. He doesn't stop talking. Jordan, I don't miss pushing his 230 pounds around in the corner."

Giroux volunteered to answer next.

"I don't miss Marc's stick always in my way," he said. "Get out of my way next time. Jordan and Sid, they cheat so much in faceoffs I don't miss that."

Crosby, laughing, said, "That's funny, I was going to say the same thing about you!"

"I knew you were going to say that," Giroux smiled. "That's why I said it."

Crosby went next.

"I think just Claude cheating in the circle," he said. "And my back is getting some rest now, I don't have to deal with Staalsy's crosschecks in front. And for Jordan, just having to contain that big body, fight him off all the time, he's just everywhere."

Jordan answered last.

"For the bro, he's just annoying," he said. "Long stick, it's in the way all the time."

Marc shook his head and defended himself.

"It's not that long!"

"It's long enough," Jordan continued. "For 'G,' if he stopped talking at the faceoff circle he'd probably win a lot more. And Sid, the amount of cutbacks in the corners is just too much. It makes me dizzy sometimes."

One of the last questions asked the players for their Netflix binge recommendations.

Jordan recommended the series "Formula 1: Drive to Survive," and Crosby laughed, saying, "I'm watching the exact same show. I've been glued to that show. Anyone will be interested to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and how their teams work."

Marc added that he's been watching the same show.

Next, they were asked what they would listen to if they could only listen to one album.

Marc chose one from the rock band O.A.R., Giroux chose AC/DC, Jordan chose Mumford & Sons, and Crosby chose the Canadian band Great Big Sea.

The last question asked the players what they've liked seeing on social media during this time. Crosby and Marc shook their heads and said that they aren't on social media. Jordan said he's liked following the podcast Spittin' Chiclets with Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette.

"I played with a couple of those guys, so I know how big of idiots they are," he said. "They're pretty entertaining."

The full conference call can be seen here:

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