MLBPA requests more frequent testing

The Players Association has sent a response to Major League Baseball's health plan, requesting more frequent testing and some of the league's proposed restrictions to be lifted.

Joel Sherman was the first with the report.

The union argues that daily testing could result in the league being more lenient with some of their proposed restrictions, like a proposed ban in hydrotherapy pools and showering at the stadium.

MLB submitted their health plan to the union earlier this week, calling for frequent testing to try to catch COVID-19 in players and coaches early. They also required daily temperature checks.

The league plans to partner with the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory and turn it into a coronavirus testing facility. That facility currently performs the league’s PED tests. MLB has said they do not want to hoard tests away from the general public.

Under MLB's proposal, a positive test would not result in a stoppage of play. Any person who tests positive will be quarantined, and their team will be more closely monitored.

The league also proposed restrictions to minimize physical interaction with each other, like having players and coaches sit in the stands rather than the dugout, having lineups transferred through an app rather than exchanging cards and banning spitting.

Health is the most important aspect for the union and league in their negotiations, though player compensation is going to be the greatest obstacle.

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