Kovacevic: If baseball bails, blame the players


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PNC Park, General Robinson Street. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

There's no agreement between Major League Baseball and the Players Association, and there never was one. Not a completed one, anyway.

It's essential to know this before delving any deeper into how dumb it'd be for both sides to blow up a 2020 season.

On March 26, a couple weeks into the coronavirus crisis, MLB and the union signed an agreement that called for players to be paid a pro-rated share of their regular salaries in the event of a shortened season. The players snapped it up. Hands were figuratively shaken. The camaraderie was hailed in headlines across the sports world.

So when MLB and the union resumed a couple weeks ago setting the stage for the actual return of baseball, and MLB used its national media surrogates to broach the subject of splitting revenues 50/50, now that it was clear fans won't be allowed inside ballparks ... boom went the dynamite.

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