MLB owners: No games into November

Major League Baseball owners will not approve any season plan that has games played in November, including the union's proposal of a 114-game season that would take the regular season through Oct. 31.

That comes from Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, who spoke to Arizona radio hosts Dave Burns and John Gambadoro Tuesday.

"We don't want to take the risk of putting our players at jeopardy and our game in peril to be playing games beyond the end of October," Kendrick said. "So our model is, and will never be changed, that we will not be playing baseball in the month of November or later."

Since games will be played without fans for most, or all, of the 2020 season, postseason broadcasting revenue is going to be even more important than usual, so the league does not seem willing to potentially jeopardize that for more regular season games.

"We’re all fearful that the virus could return at a very aggressive level later this year," Kendrick said.

Ending the regular season in early October would allow them to finish the postseason that month. It would also mean players and teams would have a normal offseason, rather than an abbreviated one.

The playoffs are also expected to be longer than usual this year, with both sides in favor of 14 teams making the postseason rather than the usual 10.

The original March deal between the league and union gave the option to play games later into the calendar year than usual. The players took full advantage of that in their proposal in order to play as many games as possible. Under prorated salaries, that would also mean they would make a higher percentage of their original contracts.

Recently, the owners proposed playing a 50 game season, offering full prorated salaries, which is a key point for players. The players offered a salary deferral clause if there is no postseason.

MLB originally hoped to have players restart spring training around June 10, so the clock is ticking for both sides to make a deal.

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