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Site Stuff: Four ways readers can help!

Readers frequently are kind enough to ask what they can do to help our business through this challenging time in the sports-based industry. and we're grateful for that.

My instinctive answer always is this: Don't help us. Donate to the Pittsburgh Food Bank or patronize other small businesses that are being hit a lot harder than we are.

But this place matters to a lot of people, too, and again, we're grateful. So I thought this week I'd put together a list of four ways readers can help, one I can reference into the future anytime the subject arises ... with the caveat that most of these don't cost a penny:

1. Advertise!

No single act makes a bigger impact here. And we have prominent spots available on our site, on our podcasts and even through our unrivaled-in-the-market social media reach.

We'll partner with businesses of all sizes, as we've shown, and we're proud of treating them all with the same respect. Don't presume yours is too big or too small. My wife Dali works with each account as if it's our only account, as our friends at Point Park University, GetGo Cafe+Market, Mike's Beer Bar,, Miller Lite, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Moon Golf Club, Curtis Pharmacy and Express Employment Professionals can personally attest.

If you're interested in joining our family, email her directly at

2. Support the military!

We're driving toward 1,500 military subscriptions, and we're currently more than two-thirds of the way there at 1,039. These get distributed to our men and women in service worldwide, both active and veterans.

If you'd like to contribute one, that's right here. And if you'd like to contribute more than one, email me directly at so I can thank you myself. In the past week alone, we had bulk purchases of 100, 25, 10 and 5.

3. Share!

Here's one that's easy and affordable to everyone: If you like an article, video or podcast, share it. You can do that easily via the buttons found atop every single file -- Facebook, Twitter, email -- with a simple tap or click.

Same applies on social. If you see a post for content that you liked here, give it a share on Facebook or an RT on Twitter. With Facebook, in particular, it makes an enormous difference, way more than you might think.

4. Auto-downloads!

We're taking podcasts pretty seriously now, as you've maybe noticed, and they're doing well so far. But we need way, way more listeners subscribed to receive automatic downloads. This also costs nothing. Just go to your listening platform of choice -- I list our five most popular below -- and subscribe to our channel while choosing to receive auto-downloads in your settings:

• Apple
• Google
• Spotify

Yet again, thank you!

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