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Sunday Lineups: A new weekly Pirates podcast!

Welcome to the third show on the all-new DK Sports Radio, Sunday Lineups, which will come to you every weekend.

The response to the launch of the site's first two podcasts -- DK's 'Daily Shot' and Jeff Hartman's 'Back Through the Tunnel' -- has been fantastic, and with baseball season finally upon us, we are expanding to a Pirates-centric show. Once a week, I will talk what's going in Pirates baseball with my good friend and former Pirates pre- and postgame show producer, Noah Hiles.

Our pilot episode can be found here:

And while we're at it, if you haven't already subscribed, here are some good links to do so:

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• Spotify

The more devices are set to automatic downloads, the healthier this new venture will be.

Thanks for listening, and expect more to come!

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