Live Qs at 5: Molinari’s answers on the Penguins

Dave Molinari. - Dali Kovacevic

Just one more day.

The Penguins will compete in a game that matters for the first time since March 10 when they face Montreal in the opener of their best-of-five qualifying-round series Saturday, shortly after 8 p.m.

The Penguins are widely regarded as a heavy favorite to win the series and advance to Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, although predictions don't influence what matters when the puck drops. So, what do you think? Are the Canadiens really serious underdogs and, if so, what would have to happen for them to pull off an upset? Do you see any area in which the Penguins are vulnerable?

And what dd you make of their 3-2 overtime loss in the exhibition game against Philadelphia a few days ago? Did it play out the way you expected, or were there some surprises?

This is the place to discuss all of that, and anything else pertaining to hockey.

Post questions, comments and observations at your convenience, and I'll respond over the course of the day.

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