Kovacevic: Steelers’ defense back-splashed again

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Whatever becomes of the 2014 Steelers, this 20-16 preseason loss to the Giants on Saturday night at MetLife Stadium shouldn’t be seen as anything more than the opening act of the prenatal stage. That’s it. It barely qualifies as DNA. It’s a series or two for the starters, then a slew of second-half backups and bungles that only the Edmund Nelson in your life could appreciate.

“You got that right!” the big man was telling me before tending to his annual role as KDKA-TV’s preseason commentator. “I love it!”

Takes a special kind.

Which isn’t to suggest, of course, that nothing at all should be culled from the evening.

There was, for example, another BIG PLAY AGAINST THE DEFENSE.

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