Friday Insider: Banister will be heavy loss


fridayinsiderA weekly feature aimed at rounding up a whole lot of odds and ends from a whole lot of time spent around our local teams …

• Don't underestimate the loss off Jeff Banister to the Pirates. His 29 years with the organization, from minor-league catcher, to a 1.000 lifetime batting average in the bigs -- singled in his lone at-bat -- to his many years of building up the farm system at the grass-roots level of inspiration and instruction, to his loyalty and service to Clint Hurdle these past three years ... that doesn't just show up and shout hello.

Some of you will know that from the experience I shared from Atlanta on the night the Pirates clinched a playoff berth last month. That was quintessential Banny, both before and after that game.

I'll give you another, one I'll mention again to Banister today when I reach out to congratulate him on becoming the Rangers' new manager:

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