Kovacevic: Immaculate Projection? Sure, why not?

Helps every once in a while to hear it from the opposite perspective, you know?

So here was the head coach in the interview room at Heinz Field, facing off with reporters in the tensest of showdowns, fielding question after question about this shortcoming or that. And finally, he blew his top. Or came close, anyway.

Mike Tomlin?

Ha! No chance.

Guess again, and it shouldn't be too tough if you're a Penn State fan.

"It was 30-23, you know!" Bill O'Brien fairly shouted in citing the final of the Steelers' victory Monday night over his Texans. This was one of several emotional outbursts in his press conference, nothing new for those who followed his brief tenure in State College. "It wasn't 50-0! We're one onside kick away, and these questions are like we lost 50-0! We lost by a touchdown!

Catching himself momentarily, he continued: "The thing is, you can't do that. You can't turn the ball over. You can't field a kick, bobble the kick. You can't give up shot plays. You can't have 12 men on the field on third down to give them a first down. We just can't do those things. We've got to coach it better, and we've got to play better."

Yeah, soak that in, Nation. Someone else is doing all the suffering.

What's more, they're doing it at the hands of a group of players that ... hm, not sure how to put this ... well, they sure sounded like they really enjoyed it.

"We frustrated them. We did," Cam Heyward said. "And man, that felt good."

About time, huh?

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