Friday Insider: Gay would welcome fine

[caption id="attachment_4210" align="alignleft" width="640"]0ap3000000420269 William Gay, sporting purple cleats, carries home a pick-6 Sunday against the Colts. -- GETTY IMAGES[/caption]


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Willie Gay is wearing purple cleats -- yes, even against the Ravens -- and he doesn't care if the NFL fines him for it. He almost sounds as if he'd welcome it.

"They can fine me, and I'll pay it. Happily," the Steelers' corner was telling me this week on the South Side. "It's for a good cause and a cause that people should be know about. It can't be a secret anymore. Been a secret too long."

The cause is domestic violence awareness, a hotter button than ever in the NFL, and no one is better equipped than Gay, for tragic reasons, to discuss it. When he was 7, his mother, Carolyn Hall, was shot and killed by his stepfather after an extended period of abuse. The stepfather then killed himself, and Gay and his two brothers were left without parents.

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