Kovacevic: Pitt stumbles, but sights still high

A band of blue-and-gold clad twentysomethings bounded down the steps from Heinz Field's new T station, which meant next to nothing on this particular Saturday afternoon.

The first of the bounders, it turned out, was bearing a giant N and D on his chest.

"Notre!" the kid shouted to no one in particular.

Then, after what was either a drunken or dramatic pause, "Dame!"


So the rest of the single file down the stairway soon follows with a chant.

"Let's go Pitt! ... Let's go Pitt! ... Let's go Pitt!"

And within seconds, the hundreds stuck outside the gate awaiting North America's most oppressive stadium security piped up in hail-to harmony.

"Let's go Pitt! ... Let's go Pitt! ... Let's go Pitt!"

Pitt lost this game. The No. 5 Irish pounced on a few big early plays and prevailed, 42-30, as pretty much everyone, save perhaps those in the home locker room, had expected.

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