Kovacevic: Winners will win, losers will lose


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Martavis Bryant and Darrius Heyward-Bey celebrate Bryant's touchdown. -- DKPS

CINCINNATI -- Mike Tomlin and James Harrison had somehow gotten word.

The Steelers were making their exit, stage left into Paul Brown Stadium's visiting tunnel, late Saturday night, and the din down there was as thick as the downpour outside. The athletes were hooting and hollering, their dancing cleats clattering, their soggy backsides getting celebratory slaps moments after sensationally besting the Bengals, 18-16, in what forever should be remembered as the AFC Wild Wilder And Wildest Card game. And that noise was nothing next to the nearby fuss from the vocal, sometimes violent football fans of this otherwise fair city, hanging over the tunnel railings to berate or pelt anyone who passed underneath.

"They got me with popcorn!" Jarvis Jones would exclaim later. "You believe that? Who hits anyone with popcorn? What's that?"

"Crazy," Vince Williams echoed across the way. "Just crazy. On the field. On the sidelines. In the stands. Everywhere."

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