Kovacevic: Pay these kids already!

Brief and to the Point ...

Apropos of nothing more than having spent the weekend on Tobacco Road with the Pitt wrestling and basketball teams, I've got one thought to share above all after witnessing, up close and behind the scenes, all the work they do:

Pay these kids.

At least pay the ones who bring the most money.

It's one thing to watch Pitt and North Carolina wrestle in front of a couple hundred at Carmichael Arena, and there might -- that's might -- be justification for a full scholarship sufficing as fair compensation in their cases. Chances are very good that most of the wrestlers aren't aiming toward a full career in wrestling or, really, any level beyond the current one. Most will leave their shoes on the mat with the final match, then move on.

Not so with football, obviously. Not so with hoops.

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