Kovacevic: Don’t pity Pirates’ position

Brief and to the Point ...

Whatever fatalism might have followed the Pirates home from their 10-day road trip doesn't appear to have made it onto their overnight charter out of Chicago.

If anything, based on my brief visit to PNC Park on Monday afternoon, before the 8-5 beating of the Braves by night, I found this group to be as engaged and enthusiastic as at any point since they reported to spring training or, for that matter, all through the past three years.

"We're feeling great right now as a team," Jordy Mercer was saying with a near-incredulous tone that I'd even ask. "If you look at our situation, where we are as a team, how much better we can still play ... I'd think it's hard to complain about anything."

That's when I mentioned that whatever local sporting sentiment hasn't been invested in the Penguins the past few weeks has gone toward burying the 2016 Pirates before the summer's in full swing.

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