Sunday’s Best: Friday night lights

LATROBE, Pa -- Friday night lights -- three words every sports fan understands. It doesn't matter if you played the game, enjoy the game, or just love good television, "Friday night lights" gets everyone excited for some pigskin.

In the case of the Steelers on Friday, and their annual practice under the lights at Latrobe Memorial Stadium, I was beyond excited. I'd missed two Steelers practices prior to Friday's night affair -- both to cover camps for our collegiate coverage -- but it killed me to miss the first of the two when the Steelers went "backs on backers" for the first time this season.

Cue Friday night, and the lights. There were fans, there was football, guys were goofing off, it was DeAngelo Williams' birthday... again... and there were indeed backs on backers. That drill -- as Antonio Brown would say -- was "boomin."

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