Kovacevic: Rutherford smartly navigates minefield


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Jim Rutherford. - GETTY

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Jim Rutherford's never wrong.

Well, he hasn't been anything but spectacularly correct in such a long time that, once adding a stroll down the Boulevard of the Allies into the equation, the man's more than earned the benefit of the doubt, right?

Acquiring nothing more than two elderly defensemen at the NHL's trade deadline, first Ron Hainsey, 36, then Mark Streit, 39?


Moving Eric Fehr after he made a very real contribution to that Cup?

You go, bro!

Keeping Marc-Andre Fleury even if it means losing him for squat this summer?

Hear, hear!

Heck, J.R. could trade Markus Naslund for a third-line enforcer, Jerome Bettis for a third-round pick, Jose Bautista for a third-string catcher, and he'd have achieved enough that, at the very least, the default reaction should be that whatever he did will reap rainbows, unicorns and four-leaf clovers.

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