Sketchbook: This was no fun … but here’s to Mr. Rooney

CLEVELAND -- I was at Progressive Field  on Thursday with a few longtime friends, watching the Indians get shellacked by the White Sox, when the message came from DK: "You around?"

In light of recent somber events, we decided to shelve the Sketchbook entry I'd already scheduled for today, and instead create a small tribute to the great Dan Rooney. I've been in Ohio visiting family and friends all week, and I'm fairly limited with the tools brought along. A few pencils and pens, a sketchbook, a laptop ... but without a scanner, fancy drawing tablet or even a bright, decent place to sit and work. Still, I couldn't let the passing of so great a man go unrecognized, so I came home and created this small pen and ink portrait in my sketchbook, then photographed it with an iPhone, emailed it to myself, and cleaned it up a bit digitally:

[caption id="attachment_245637" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]

It may be a by-the-seat-of-your-pants way to work, but in this case, it's truly my honor do so. Rest in peace, Mr. Rooney.

Also, for anyone who might have missed this with last month's Sketchbook, here's Mr. Rooney's father, Art Sr., the Chief:


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