Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Ullman: Let’s make Cartoon Canon a weekly thing!

RICHMOND, Va. -- If there's one quibble I have about my time contributing to thus far, it's that my work has appeared very sporadically.

Chalk it up to any number of factors, but I've occasionally felt like that guy in junior high who tells all those “My girlfriend lives in Canada!" stories, as I mention my work for the site, then have a month go by before any of that work actually appears.

Well, no longer. Beginning today is the new, weekly Cartoon Canon, a little nugget of Pittsburgh sports history to brighten your Tuesday mornings. I’d been thinking for awhile that the Canon strip might benefit from greater frequency, and the once-a-week, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! style seems perfectly suited to the feature.

And certainly, there’s no shortage of material to cull from, with the arrival of football season and hockey just around the corner. I hope you’re looking forward to reading as much as I am to creating.



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