Site Stuff: Introducing promo videos for each staffer!

My brother’s pretty talented, you should know. He’s five years younger, his name is Zoran Zgonc, and he’s spent most of his adult life in Manhattan working in TV and film production.

So when he offered, on his own, to create professional video bios for our staff members, we jumped at the chance.

Five of these 30-second videos are now complete: Audrey Snyder, Matt Gajtka, Christopher Carter, Matt Sunday and me. And since we love Sunday the way we do, he’ll go first this week:

We also had one for Lance Lysowski, but that was filmed before his promotion to the Pirates beat, so it was a whole lot of Pitt stuff that obviously doesn’t apply now. His will be redone, and we’ll soon be doing a bunch more, too. One week at a time.

We haven’t yet committed where they’ll go beyond our usual social media places, but TV is a possibility because of our contract with the Penguins. That’d be neat, actually.

Oh, and wait till you see Carter’s. It’s tremendous.


Our readers run the place. And they do so by showing us, plain and simple, what they are or aren’t reading.

I say that because you are reading Dale Lolley’s 10-thoughts analysis of the Steelers, and you are reading Chris Bradford’s Five in the Box analysis of the Penguins’ games, and you are reading Matt Gajtka’s various analyses. What you aren’t reading anywhere near as much, no matter how well they’re done, are conventional game stories.

So, OK, we can do that.

Beginning with Bradford’s coverage late Thursday night from Las Vegas, you’ll now see our main game coverage consist of a catch-all opening that’s ideally still imaginative, followed by the reporter’s five thoughts from the event with appropriate elaboration. That way, you get the best of both worlds. We’ll cover the news and offer our views.

We feel we’ve got a staff that’s armed to provide more than what happened, so we’re going to cut them loose with the why, the how.

Would love feedback on this.


Today marks Taylor Haase’s second anniversary with us.

I couldn’t be more proud of everything that Taylor’s become for our site, which is so, so much more than our readers can ever know.

In addition to being talented enough that she’s picked up reporting/writing on her own at the level of a trained professional, in addition to all that she does for us through social media, in addition to keeping us as a staff connected in so many ways, she’s also been — and this never stops being striking to me, considering how young she is — that no-holds-barred voice that I’ll occasionally need when it comes to hopefully making the right call for the company.

Also, she does JibJabs. Bunch coming Monday.


We’re happy to welcome Attorney Heather Kelly to our family of partners!

A former prosecutor with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Kelly has tried cases for 12 years. With an office in Downtown Pittsburgh, her firm specializes in criminal, family law and estate planing. (She’s also really nice!) All clients work directly with Attorney Kelly and this personal service starts with a free consultation.

Tap or click the banner below to find out more and, by all means, tell her you heard about her practice from this site:


We’ve had a ton of positive feedback from our readers about our weeklong article exchange with our friends at Boston Sports Journal, and we’ll take that to another level today. At noon, BSJ founder Greg Bedard will conduct a Live Qs right here on our site. At 5 p.m., I’ll do one on his site with all those New England fans.

This will be fun.


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Can’t stress this enough: This time of year is as important to our business as it is to most. Roughly a quarter of our new subscriptions are bought at Christmastime. So any falloff in that category affects the budget for the rest of the year. That’s why we push this as hard as we do.

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