List of Steelers’ 2018 opponents sets up tough schedule

The NFL's regular season now done, the Steelers know all of their opponents for the 2018-2019 season. And it doesn't look particularly easy.

Due to their winning the AFC North in 2017, they will face both the AFC East and AFC South champions from 2017 in the Patriots and Jaguars, as well as the predetermined AFC North, AFC West and NFC South opponents:


• Baltimore Ravens
• Cleveland Browns
• Cincinnati Bengals
• Atlanta Falcons
• Carolina Panthers
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Los Angeles Chargers
• New England Patriots


• Baltimore Ravens
• Cleveland Browns
• Cincinnati Bengals
• Denver Broncos
• Jacksonville Jaguars
• New Orleans Saints
• Oakland Raiders
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Most notable will be that the Steelers will play host to three teams that have made the Super Bowl in the past three seasons in the Patriots, Falcons and Panthers. Their most notable away games will be the AFC South and NFC South champions in the Jaguars and Saints.

But also worth noting is the additional travel. The Steelers logged the fewest miles of any team in the league in 2017, but they'll make nothing but two-plus hour flights outside the divisional trips. And that's not taking into account that the game against the Raiders could be moved to an international site, as happened this season in Mexico City between Oakland and New England.

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