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Friday Insider: Shazier gives us all hope


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Ryan Shazier at Steelers practice last month. - INSTAGRAM

MINNEAPOLIS -- As reporters, we don't typically allow ourselves to get sucked into a story and we try to keep our emotions in check. Doing so with the Ryan Shazier injury, however, has been tough.

While I won't pretend we're best buddies, we've talked at length on numerous occasions. Seeing him lying motionless on the turf at Paul Brown Stadium Dec. 4 left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Seeing him at the Rooney Sports Complex in the following weeks in a wheelchair did nothing to take that away.

I had resigned myself to believing, nearly two months into this thing, the possibility was not only real, it was probably reality, that Shazier might never walk again.

I believed that until Thursday.

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