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Site Stuff: Multiple reasons to be excited for multimedia

We will always be a writing site first, striving to bring you the best coverage of Pittsburgh sports that we can.

We will always be a writing site first, striving to bring you the best coverage of Pittsburgh sports that we can. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try hard at multimedia, too.

Sharing information different ways, over multiple platforms means touching as many Pittsburgh sports fans as possible, all over the world. The concept makes sense, but it takes people with a unique combination of skills to make it possible.

Even though I’ve seen it so many times, it still blows my mind that, at any point, with zero advance notice,  you can point a camera or microphone at anyone on our editorial staff — Matt Sunday included — and they’ll answer any question, engage in commentary, analysis, opinion, on the spot. Yes, they’re passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter, but if you’ve ever been on camera or radio, you know it takes more than that. It’s nowhere near as easy as it seems. Most people prepare, write scripts, or at least notes. Not these guys.

Another advantage that we have is Chris Benson. His talent, imagination and skill level, long appreciated through his Benstonium viral videos, takes this content to the next level.

So, is anyone watching? Anyone listening?

Let’s take a look:

• This January, our DK Sports Radio live radio stream saw 111,188 total listeners, 28,212 unique listeners and a total listening time of 4,268 hours, 15 minutes, 5 seconds.

• Many of our readers prefer the on-demand podcast option with 123,216 podcasts downloaded in the same month. We were very excited to see that we crossed 1 million all-time podcast downloads.

• Most of our video views came through Facebook – 122,827, up 87.5 percent from the previous month! Add to that the views that came directly from our video player — on the site and Vimeo account — 54,408, with 38 percent of these videos viewed to completion. This is an amazing performance for videos 8-12 minutes long.

• While we are very happy with these figures, we are always looking for ways to do better. We brought our YouTube channel back to life, and there you can find all podcasts and videos in one place. Additional programming is coming soon, as well, so stay tuned.

As many of you know, our video and audio content is open to everyone, so please share if you like what you see.


We’ve gotten quite a few questions from readers about coverage matters after some recent changes here. We’ll be addressing those before long, but Dale Lolley’s in Minneapolis covering the Super Bowl, and that takes priority. When he’s back, we’ll look over that and much more. And as always, we’ll keep you fully informed.


We’re engaged in several initiatives with our friends at Aspinwall-based Build In Motion to keep upgrading the site and app. To begin, there was an Apple update in the past week to accommodate the new — and gorgeous — iPhone X display.

Also on the horizon are improved logins, ditching that spinning circle on the Android app and a new interactive feature that makes it easier to keep up with our latest content on the site and app. There are also bigger, broader plans, but those are further down the road.


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