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Site Stuff: Our first-ever Steelers sale!

Dale Lolley, Chris Carter and Matt Sunday wouldn’t say something like this, so I will: They’re really good at covering the Steelers. I’m proud to be part of that coverage team, and I’m proud of the year-round work we offer on our city’s iconic football franchise.

Here’s the thing: We always want more people to read it.

And as I’ve written often since the site’s launch, the Steelers’ fans are spread all over creation and, thus, harder to reach. They don’t know about us anywhere near as well as the Penguins’ and Pirates’ fans do, and I’ve been convinced that’s because so, so many of them don’t live anywhere near Western Pennsylvania.

Because of that, we’re going looking for them. With an unprecedented effort, actually.

From now until Aug. 15, the day the Steelers break up camp in Latrobe, we’re offering a half-off sale on annual subscriptions — just $19.99 compared to the usual $39.99 — for both new readers and as gift subscriptions. That’s two ways for us to target new readers. Either they buy one themselves, or someone can give them one. We’re confident enough in our coverage to believe we’ll keep them for years to come at the regular price.

If you like what you read from our football coverage team, help us spread the word! And by all means, let us know if we can help in any way!


So much for the summer. That ends for me — and a lot of our staff — Wednesday when the Steelers report to training camp at Saint Vincent College.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been working on a way to provide live updates from the sidelines, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got that figured out. You’ll be able to follow what’s going on at camp right here on the home page in a new area on the site we’ll be rolling out this week. It’s pretty slick and should provide you with everything you need to know about what’s going on in Latrobe if you can’t make the trip yourself. Heck, even if you are there, you can follow along on the app to see what we’re talking about as it happens.

In the meantime, I’ll be there along with DK, Chris Bradford and Matt Sunday bringing you all of the action. It’s my favorite time of the year. — Dale Lolley


For the first time since long before this site’s launch, our family’s taking a vacation! Yes, I’m going, too!

We’re flying Monday to Iceland for three days, then down to London for four more. We’ll fly back to Pittsburgh on the first of August. This was our 13-year-old son Marko’s idea after he was fascinated by Iceland from watching videos — he loves learning about other countries and cultures — and our airport now has a nonstop flight to Reykjavik, so we promised it to him as a Christmas gift. With help from the great Christina Cassotis, the head of Pittsburgh International Airport, my little man’s also going to experience a few other aviation treats along the way. (But don’t tell him.)

Anyway, I won’t be around for a while. So you won’t see my stuff — other than What’s Brewing — and we might be just a little slow on the customer service because, well, that whole department is my wife Dali and daughter Dara. — Dejan


• We’re working with our friends at Aspinwall-based Build In Motion on a new feature for our app that’ll be unlike anything we’ve offered in that it’ll keep you more closely connected with our reporters than ever before. It’ll be called ‘LIVE FEED,’ and it’ll work from the bottom right button. Instant stuff pumped right into your device from wherever we are. You can keep up with everyone or choose your favorite team with a simple tap. The goal is to have this ready by month’s end. — Dejan

• When you’re using our app on a landscape view (horizontal), then turn it back to portrait (vertical), you’ll sometimes see our headline fonts get really big and messy. I hate that. We’re working on that, too, hopefully with the same build. — Dejan

• We’re also in the middle of a month-long project to overhaul our login/alerts process. It’s a five-figure cost, but it’s aimed at addressing our most common complaints, so it’s worth it. Overhauling the alerts, we’re told, will also eliminate the top causes of crashes on the Android app, which would be awesome. — Dejan


Anyone filling or refilling a prescription at Curtis Pharmacy, either the Washington or Claysville store, gets a free annual subscription to our site all through July. Whether you are a new or existing subscriber, the offer applies. If you’re already a subscriber, Erich Cushey and our friends at Curtis Pharmacy will pick up the tab to add a year to your current term. Just let Curtis Pharmacy know when you pick up your prescription, then email me. — Dali Kovacevic


We’re proud of our partnerships with Curtis Pharmacy, as well as PNC Bank, Allegheny Health Network, Point Park University, Schneider Downs, Hertz, GetGo, Henne Jewelers, Moon Golf Club, Miller Lite, Bassi Vreeland & Associates and Express Employment Professionals. If you or your business might be interested in becoming part of that family, here’s my updated June Media Kit with all our vital information. Email me with any questions. — Dali Kovacevic


• Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool is at minus-4 after a Saturday in which none were claimed by vets and four were bought. (Thank you!) If you’d like to contribute to begin chipping away at that deficit, that can happen right here. Overall, we’ve connected 119 military veterans with free subscriptions since restructuring the program in May. Anyone who’s served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form. — Dejan



• Subscriptions are at 37,977. That’s minus-60 over the past week.

• We had 411,103 page views over the past week. Our most-hit article was Dale Lolley’s coverage of Le’Veon Bell not signing with the Steelers at 8,730. Our most visited team pages were, in order: Penguins (35.9 percent), Pirates (28.4), Steelers (22.4),  Pitt (4.6), Penn State (2.6), Riverhounds (0.78), West Virginia (0.67), Duquesne (0.32), Robert Morris (0.11).

• We’re at 29,177 (+12) page likes on Facebook, we’re at 28,417 (+3) followers on Twitter, we’re at 8,829 (+24) followers on Instagram, and we’re at 671 (+1) subscribers on YouTube. These figures are just for our official company account on each platform, not for us as individuals.

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