Video: Kovacevic family in Iceland, Day 3

Hallgrímskirkja. - DALI KOVACEVIC / DKPS

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Good morning!

Our brief vacation through this little country ended Thursday, following up our exhausting, exhilarating nature on Day 1 and Day 2 by staying right here in the incredible urban core that’s home to one-third of Iceland’s total population of 330,000.

The signature structure, a Catholic cathedral that towers above the entire city in a way that’s difficult to describe, is called Hallgrímskirkja. We purposely saved this for last, as it was the most recognizable of all the places in our studies, and we hoped it would be special. It was. A statue of the native explorer Leif Ericsson — who discovered America way before Christopher Columbus — holds a prominent spot in front.

In general, the vibe is quiet, cool, European yet distinctively Scandinavian and yet even then distinctively Icelandic. It was 52 degrees on this day, and we saw people in shorts, T-shirts, even bare feet. The buildings are willfully simple, clean, well maintained and, above all, playfully colored. The rooftops form a rainbow palette when seen from above.

Oh, and there’s homage everywhere, as one would expect to Iceland’s phenomenal soccer team, as you’ll see in today’s video below: