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Stats ‘N’ At: Big Play James, Kessel’s lethality, Archer’s rise


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James Conner. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Welcome to Stats ‘N’ At, a weekly feature that takes a deep dive into the numbers that define our city's sports scene.

Fresh off another late-game gutting of the Bengals, the Steelers enter a bye week. Ordinarily, a bye provides some extra time to rest, reflect, and study film. But these are the 2018 Steelers we're talking about, so there will be no reprieve from the daily (hourly?) drama surrounding this team. Will Le'Veon Bell report this week? How will his teammates react? And here's the most important--and once-improbable--question of all: If Bell returns, will he actually get his job back?

James Conner, Bell's erstwhile backup, has long since left the realm of great human interest story and entered that of the NFL's best running backs.

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