Analysis: The good, bad of Steelers’ first half


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James Conner and Antonio Brown celebrate in Cincinnati. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

As the Steelers rolled into their Week 7 bye fresh off consecutive victories, the tired, old narrative was being bandied about the locker room.

"Does the bye come at a good (0r bad) time," some players were asked?

Fact is, it doesn't really matter. The bye is here. And with a little good fortune Sunday, the Steelers could find themselves in first place after Sunday's action. That's right, losses by the Bengals Sunday night at Kansas City (likely) and by the Ravens at home to New Orleans (a 50-50 proposition) would leave the Steelers percentage points ahead of both in the AFC North standings.

Who thought that would be the case after four weeks of 1-2-1?

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