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Calgary's two newest downtown skyscrapers. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

CALGARY, Alberta -- A lot’s changed in the sports news industry, but this hasn’t: Nothing beats breaking a story.

And in turn, nothing beats experience.

We were reminded of both in the best way possible this week when Dale Lolley reported exclusively on the Steelers’ refusal to pay Le’Veon Bell for exempt time, a piece that generated more readership than any non-live-file for us all year. It’s currently at 50,826 and counting. And that’s to say nothing of all the free mentions of the site by other news outlets, which, hopefully, spreads the word about us to more Steelers fans.

These things aren’t happenstance. Dale’s been on the Steelers beat for 25 years. He’s built up sources at all levels of the organization and around the NFL. That doesn’t mean you break every little thing — no one does that — but it does offer a built-in advantage that’s impossible to replicate without significant time and experience.

Since I launched this site four-plus years ago, a lot of approaches have been taken toward hiring. And because this venture was the first of its kind on the continent, it’s not as if there was some kind of playbook. This was all new. And it felt, particularly at the time, that it had to keep breaking molds, that everything had to feel bold and daring.

Well, a funny thing happened along the way: Our readers kept demonstrating to us, in so many ways, that what they valued most was expert-level news and analysis. And within that, they valued that it came from someone they’d trust.

I’m proud of having hired Lance Lysowski as a young reporter hungry to make a name for himself. I’m prouder still of him for having done exactly that and having become someone you trusted on a major-league beat. But the fact is, there aren’t many of Lance out there. Believe me, we’ve looked over the years. We’ve tried. Because our readers — rightly — demand coverage without training wheels, finding that young type who fits has been an immense challenge.

Under Dale as editor, our staff has shifted, maybe by coincidence, maybe not, toward experience. The hiring of John Perrotto was the obvious recent one. The assigning of Chris Bradford to the Penguins’ beat is another. Matt Grubba’s not exactly a newbie to the business, either. Between those reporters and myself, we’ve now got a ton of experience, including at the specific beats and, in my case, at covering all of them.

There’s a kind of learning curve here for experienced reporters, too. We do things in our own way. Chief among those is constant communication with our readers. That can’t be forced. That can’t be phony. If someone can’t or won’t do that — and it’s happened — the job becomes really hard for them because the readers won’t connect. We’ve also had veteran reporters who’ve been awesome at this even though it wasn’t part of their jobs at newspapers. They just genuinely like it.

The staff's still got youth, too, of course: Matt Sunday, Taylor Haase, Chris Benson and Chris Carter, as well as contributors Jarrod Prugar, Matt Welch and David Golebiewski are all youngsters by comparison, and they still outnumber the rest of us. That helps us in many ways, not least of which is reaching out via social media.

You know, like fire-breathing Evgeni Malkin:

I was warned very early in this company’s history that nothing would be harder or more stressful than finding the right people and, from there, the right mix. A lot’s happened since then, to say the least. And because we were the first to do this and have had so many eyes watch us from everywhere, it feels like every change, large or small, became a big deal. I get that. To an extent, I appreciate and welcome it. It means, for sure, that we matter more than those places where such changes barely get noticed.

I’ve thought about this a lot on this long Canadian trip, and I wanted to share with you: I like where we are. I know my wife Dali, who’s never satisfied with anything, called a couple days back to tell me much the same. I know Dale likes where we are.

Most important by far, we hope you do, too.


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Between people's amazing purchases of veterans’ gifts and just letting everyone know about the site, you all have been great. And Christmas is just around the corner (hint, hint). What better gift for a loved one than a subscription to the site? -- Dale Lolley


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