Harrison calls out Steelers players, coaches


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Matt Sunday / DKPS

Rocky Bleier and James Harrison agree: Mike Tomlin and the entire Steelers organization need to step it up.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Harrison called out Tomlin — but he didn't leave the players off the hook.

"I think it's a combination of coaching and playing," Harrison said. "The two... they're not coming together at the right time for the right situations. Sometimes you got the offense on tick, on key, and sometimes you got the defense on key, but it seems like they're not on cue together. That's a combination of players and coaching."

Currently riding a three-game losing streak, the Steelers face the Patriots Sunday at Heinz Field with playoff implications on the line.

"Now is where you actually have to kick it in — and everybody has to be held accountable, from the top down," he said.

Harrison says the Steelers can win — "anybody can get beat on any Sunday" — but the Steelers will need to improve to get it done.

"I know it (the Steelers' system) has worked," Harrison said. "It's just not working now... I think now, a lot of it has to be put onto what the game plan is, the coaching, what they're going out there to try to execute. And how are you getting them to execute at the top level every game, week in and week out?"

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