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Cartoon Canon: Bus in the snow globe!

RICHMOND, Va. -- With the Steelers managing to eke out a win Sunday and stay atop the AFC North, I got to thinking about other years in which they had to win out to make the postseason, and their eight-game playoff run in 2005 immediately leaped to mind.

When I sent this image around to the DKPS staff to look over, everybody seemed to have a personal memory of it … whether watching in the stands, or on TV, it immediately had the feeling of one of those games that everyone would remember as where it all began, should thing continue to break right for the black and gold.

It was prescient in another way, as well; as the story of Jerome Bettis’ quest to finally reach the Super Bowl in his home town of Detroit began to pick up steam, you could point to the Bus’ 101-yard effort vs. the top-ranked Bears defense in the snow and slop of Heinz Field as the one that saved the Steelers’ season, with his entire career perfectly encapsulated in one play.

In other Cartoon Canon news, copies of our book should be showing up any minute now to all the folks who ordered gift subscriptions. I’m incredibly proud of this little book, and I’m thrilled with how nicely it came out. I’ve worked really hard over the last few months to get it ready for publication, and I’m beyond excited to finally share it with you.

I’d love to hear what you think of it, whether in the comments or on one of our many social media platforms. Favorite strips, overall presentation, what you’d like to see in Volume 2. Let me have it!

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