Brown: Steelers ‘indifferent’ toward him

Matt Sunday/DKPS

Antonio Brown just can't keep his thumbs away from the Twitter machine.

Responding to user @Dwight_Miller95 — who has all of 166 followers as of this writing — Brown unleashed the following:

Not good. Clearly, Brown feels his "teammates, fans and organization" do not care about him. With the drama stretching back to Week 17 of the regular season, though most fans and media members alike are growing tired of the speculation and the social media beef.

When can we expect real answers?

Soon, according to Brown:

When it drops, Brown promises to keep it civil:

Brown's tweeting didn't stop there.

Recently, newly hired Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians shared his thoughts on Brown, and he wasn't too complimentary, calling Brown a "diva" for his latest antics. Arians also said Brown was not the same player the Steelers drafted back in 2010 — and that's where AB drew the line. Chirp me once, shame on you. Chirp me again and it's off to Twitter:

When will it end?

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