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Pirates spring training, Day 2


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Kevin Newman jokes about his hair while leaving the batting cages Monday, in Bradenton, Fla. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Today's the second reporting day for the Pirates' pitchers and catchers, the one in which they're required to actually set foot on the Pirate City premises and undergo physicals.

For us, of course, every day is reporting day, so we'll be reporting on all this -- John Perrotto, Matt Sunday and I -- both on this dedicated live file -- the big scroll begins below -- as well as separate files that we'll alert to you as they come. But please consider this place, today and every day, your headquarters for our stuff coming out of Pirate City.


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A handful of things to share about our coverage plan:

John, entering his 32nd year on the beat, will be doing the old-school iron man. Meaning he'll be here all six weeks, right through March 24. That's just how he's wired, how he wanted it, and that's how it'll be. Much respect.

• Each day in which the Pirates are active, John will put up an afternoon bullet-type file containing the top news and a few of his personal observations. We're estimating now that'll be around 2 p.m. during the non-game portion of camp, 5 p.m. once the games start.

• Each weekday morning, you'll start out with John's best material, usually in analysis form. These won't happen on weekends because he'll need a chance to take a step back along the way. Five is plenty for a week.

• The games will have live files, for those who've already asked, but they won't -- and can't -- be heavy on play-by-play. The logistics make that impossible, as clubhouses open in the spring during the game once the starting pitcher is lifted. So it's common for us to not see the final four, even five innings at all. We'll do our best.

Sunday and I will be here for these first three days, offering you columns, photos, videos and more, before heading home for more hockey. There's a chance one or both of us will return at some stage of the spring, but that hasn't been set. The Penguins' schedule is insanely tight through both February and March.

• You'll also see lots of on-location Morning Java segments, like this one we shot yesterday at Pirate City:

• I want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to Chris Dolnack and everyone at for their passionate support of our site, and the Pirates coverage in particular. Can't say enough for what Chris has meant to us from the very beginning. (And if you'd like to express that, too, this baseball nut goes by 3-2 Changeup in the comments!)


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