Sunday’s Best: Raining cats and Hounds

Rainy sports and snowy sports. Both bring distinct challenges in coverage. Both will bring the complaints from photographers. Both are also secretly adored by most, if not all, photographers.

No one wants to risk their gear in a downpour, but the payoff can be quite rewarding.

Saturday night, the Riverhounds played to a scoreless draw against Saint Louis FC. The game started an hour late after a lightning delay, and the lightning brough rains which stormed through most of the game's 93 minutes.

One of my favorite ways to display rainy or snowy game photos is with a black and white conversion. Wet faces, drops of rain or the fluttering frozen variants, foggy breath ... they all seem elevated in appeal when turned into shades of black and white.

I didn't shoot my favorite rainy photos ever on Saturday, but it was the heaviest rainfall we've had during a game since the start of the NFL season. Three of those images kick off this edition of Sunday's Best, recapping the best photos from the past week.

There are also a few from Game 3 and Game 4 of the Penguins' series loss to the Islanders, a few from their ensuing locker cleanout and another few from the Pirates' win over the Giants Friday night.

I also included a couple from one of my favorite bands, The Movielife ... who are ironically from Long Island. I drove to Cleveland with my brother following the Penguins' Game 3 loss to see them before turning around and heading home.

As always, I'll be in the comments, and I'll see you guys next Sunday for another week's worth of photos.

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