Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

View from the Dugout: Celebration, dejection

Baseball is a weird sport in that the action that takes place doesn't always translate into photographs. At least not storytelling ones, so photographers 'fall back' on emotion a lot. That's certainly the case from the Braves' 12-5 comeback thrashing of the Pirates.

wanted to use the image you see up top for a lot of the game. Whether it was on John Perrotto's game coverage or my photo piece, I wanted it to be used. Of all the Pirates who will show emotion on this team, Cole Tucker is the top of the list. He sets the bar. So, when Tucker drove in two with a double during a four-run first inning, and then screamed like that as he got to second base, I wanted it to be the photo for our coverage.

The problem? A 4-1 lead turned into a 5-2 lead which turned into the 12-5 losing effort. And, I went from wanting Perrotto to use Tucker's celebratory scream to digitally handing him a photo of Geoff Hartlieb looking dejected in the dugout -- the second photo you will see in the gallery up top, and the one you'll see on his game story.

So, instead of a photo of a passionate celebration leading our coverage for the evening, I'm stuck finding a way to show it to you Lunatics like this. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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