Courtesy of Point Park University

Friday Insider: Nelson’s trash,’ 100-mph miss, Phil’s future ☕

Steven Nelson is known as a bit of a trash talker on the football field.

It's somewhat surprising considering he's pretty mild-mannered off it. In fact, in between working on learning the new playbook he's been given from the Steelers and settling into his new city with new teammates, he likes to find something relaxing to do.

For Nelson, that's finding a good spot to go bass fishing.

So while the rest of his new teammates were making big plans for something big or flying out of town, Nelson was thinking about catching something other than a flight.

"I’m going to be laying low," the Steelers' new corner told me Thursday. "I might get me a fishing license and head to North Park Lake. I went up there last weekend. It seemed like there’s a lot of people there."

Just don't ask him to go fishing on an island. As an NFL corner, he spends enough time there.

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