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Live Qs at 5: Sunday’s answers on Pirates, Hounds, gaming ☕️


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Good evening, Lunatics! It's 5 p.m. somewhere, and that means it's time for another Live Qs.

I spent three days in Toronto this past weekend. Not for any reason, but to get together with some of my best buds during a free weekend before I get married in August. It was beyond fun. I love the city, I love the food, I love the diversity.

We can talk about that, if you want. I went out and watched the Raptors play on bar TVs with the locals. I went to see Vladamir Guerrero Jr. play with the roof open. And I ate good food.

There are also the Pirates and their newly signed arm I spoke with yesterday ......

It's also e3 week, which is one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, so we can talk about video games new or old if you want. Hype moments, all-time favorites, all of it! Of course, we can always talk pizza as well.

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