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A special Live Qs at 5: DK answers absolutely EVERYTHING about the site! ☕️

Time to clear the air. I've held back too much too long and allowed too many others -- Twitter trolls, former employees, local media -- try to define who we are. That's ending effective immediately, as I explain in today's Site Stuff.

And as part of that, for the first time, I'll take your questions right here on absolutely anything at all related to this business. Past, present and future. Nothing's off limits.

It's a one-time offer. Won't do this again. But with our fifth anniversary coming up Tuesday, I can promise it'll feel powerfully cathartic to clear up a lot of crap that probably, for some, still needs to be cleared up. Earlier this week, Dale Lolley -- rightly -- killed an article I'd written about this. That's why he's the adult in the house.

But this is different. This will be your questions and my answers. Where it goes is up to you.

If you’re new, here’s how this works: Enter one question in the comments below. I’ll go through and answer as many as possible. When it’s done, all that will be left are the Qs that were used, my replies and any follow-ups by the original questioner. Please don’t use this the way you would an ordinary commenting thread.

Yesterday: John Perrotto
Monday: Dale Lolley

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