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Site Stuff: Upgrading tech is next, but how? ☕

NEW YORK -- One fun part of our fifth anniversary celebration Tuesday came during a Q&A session we did with about 50 or so readers out on the Highmark Stadium terrace, mostly consisting of questions about sports, some about the site.

One reader asked where I thought this venture would be after another five years.

I initially pawned off the microphone to Hunter Homistek since he's, like, 17 years old and could speak better to the future. But upon taking my turn, I answered with a single syllable: "Tech."

We need better tech. You deserve better tech. And for the company to break through to the next level, even if neither of those things were the case, we'd be best served by staying on top of new ideas and innovations toward making our site and app a step ahead of anything else out there.

Which sounded great, I'm sure.

But much later, once I was home, the bigger issue hit: How?

So I started thinking about how to make our tech better and came up with three options:

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